Radon protection for existing commercial structures where a membrane cannot be installed is achieved by the strategic installation of a system of sub-floor radon collectors which may be integrated with a network of internal positive input ventilation units to provide a fully co-ordinated radon mitigation scheme.

Prestige Air carry out a detailed Radon survey which coupled with their understanding of the individual internal airflow characteristics of the building allows them to design a complete system of radon protection.

For the occupants of commercial buildings, protection from radon is provided by the health and safety at work Act which places a duty of care on the employer to ensure that the radon level within the building is kept below 400 Bq/m³.

Dramatic reduction from 33,000              Instant protection for Infants
Bq/m³ at health centre in Scotland          School in Kent
The Twin Fan 500 - Innovation in action

• Built in GSM telemetry connects the system to Prestige Air's 24hr remote monitoring service to provide a fit and forget solution.

• A unique output delay chamber removes the need for high level vertical risers.

• The twin fan operation allows a single unit to provide complete protection over a large area.

• The progress of each installation is monitored with real time continuous electronic radon detectors to validate its performance.
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